Are all your products brand new?

Yes. At CarLink Tyres, we guarantee that all our products are completely brand new.

Can I pick up my order in store?

Yes. Customers who order online are able to pick up their products and have them installed at CarLink Tyres’ main store in Peakhurst NSW (129 Boundary Rd, Peakhurst, NSW 2210).

Do you ship Australia-wide for free?

Yes. We offer free shipping Australia-wide* on all tyres, wheels and wheel and tyre packages (Some exclusions apply to regional areas. Please contact us on (02) 9534 8086 if you’re unsure)

CarLink Tyres has over 300 Fitting Partners across Australia who will help you assist you with fitting and balancing of your tyres. On checkout just choose store pick up, and an option to select tyre fitting locations that is local to you will pop up. Your products will then be shipped to your local fitter, and you will be notified on delivery of your product.

Bookings will then be placed and will commence as early as that day or the day following. You’ll have your tyres on your car as early as the next day of order. Our fitting partners will typically charge $15 – $25 per tyre depending on size of the tyre. This includes stripping and scrap removal of the old tyre, fitting of the new tyre and a new valve. You’ll also receive warranty on all fitment of tyres.

What are some of CarLink Tyres’s free services?

For our Wheel & Tyre Package customers, CarLink Tyres offers free mounting and balancing. At CarLink Tyres, we mount and balance wheels and tyres so when your wheel and tyre packages arrive to you, it is guaranteed to be ready to be put on your car.

Our quality assurance team, makes sure that we inspect every wheel and tyre. This is to ensure that your product is absolutely free from any cosmetic defects. Every Wheel & Tyre Package includes an installation kit absolutely free. You’ll receive: chrome lug nuts/bolts, centring rings (where necessary) and chrome valve stems

What does offset mean?

The offset is simply the distance between the wheels centre line and the hub mounting face at the back of the wheel. Typically you’ll find offsets engraved or stamped into your wheel as mm of ET which just means insertion depth. At CarLink Tyres, our expert technicians will ensure you’ll always get the correct offset.

  • Positive Offset: These are when wheels have their mounting face toward the front face of the wheel. You’ll usually find that front wheel drive cars have positive offsets.
  • Negative Offset: In contrast, a negative offset have their mounting face toward the rear of the wheel. You’ll typically find negative offsets on beefy rear-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Zero Offset:Zero offset wheels on the other hand their mounting face in line with the centreline of the wheel (ET0).

What does PCD mean?

Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of your wheels bolt holes. Your PCD is typically measured in mm and also gives an indication of the number of bolts and studs on a wheel. For example a 4×100 Volkswagen wheel means 4 bolt holes drilled through the centre of a 100mm circle.

What does Centre Bore mean?

The Centre Bore of a rim is the size of the centre hole in the middle of the rim. Typically valued in mm, the centre bore fits on the hub of a car. To ensure optimal fitting, the wheels need to be an exact match in size to the hub

  • Hub Centric: When a wheel is hub centric, this means that the protruding hub on your vehicle along with the matching sized centre bore on your wheel is load bearing. Typically most modern wheels are hub centric and ensures that studs and bolts are securely holding the wheel onto the hub of the vehicle.
  • Lug Centric: Lug Centric wheels are wheels that emphasise studs and bolts. So ensure you replace your studs and bolts occasionally and tighten wheels ¾’s of the way to guarantee that they are cantered.

What does Plus-Sizing and Up-Stepping mean?

Plus sizing/Up-Stepping is the practice of increasing the diameter of a wheel while maintaining the rolling radius the same. This will also reduce the profile your tyres.

  • Plus-Sizing will improve responsiveness and handling of your vehicle. This will decrease the flexible tyre sidewall proportion to rigid alloy. In turn it will keep you tyre tread square and level to the roads surface
  • Plus-Sizing or Up-Stepping can often make your wheel and tyres heavier. This disadvantage is a result of tyre inches being typically lighter than wheel inches and can ultimately decrease your vehicle’s damping deflection under compression as well as making your brakes looking undersized.

How do you install new wheels?

The first step is to ensure you have the right tools and equipment. The first thing to look out for is having the right bolts for your wheel and the 4 plastic spigot rings. This is included in the installation kit provided by CarLink Tyres.

The second step is to jack up you vehicle. Ensure you do this securely by making sure you use axle stands and chock the wheels to stop it from rolling. Stand the wheel up on your car and ensure that all the bolt holes and threads line up. Also ensure that the wheel fits on the hub properly and that the suspension strut, brake calliper and wheel arc have enough clearance. If you’ve recently upgraded your brakes, it is best to seek professional advice to ensure a proper fit before you proceed with any orders.

The final step is to make sure that you tighten your wheel bolts according the manufacturers recommended torque. Do so until ¾ tightness, and then lower your car so that you can fully complete the process.

What do I do to care for my new wheels?

CarLink Tyres have specialty products specially designed to care for your new wheels. Our wheel cleaner products have been engineered to make cleaning wheels easy. Make sure that you frequently wash your wheels with mild and soapy water. Prevent using harsh cleaners, wire wools, electric buffers and avoid car wash rim cleaners.

To get even more out of your wheels, put on several coats of quality car polish back to front. This will ensure it will last longer and prevent brake dust, dirt keying and road salt damage on the first use. We would also recommend that you treat your rims to protect your wheel paint.