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Hub Rings 110.1 – 106.0 (Pack of 4)


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Alloy Wheel Hub Rings are used to ensure an alloy wheel is centered correctly on the hub of a vehicle. This is extremely important to ensure that your alloy wheels are safe and correctly secure.

Rings / Spigot Rings or Alloy Wheel Hub Centric Rings are designed to fill in the gap between the hub of the car and the center bore of the wheel. Most wheel manufacturer’s design their wheels with a center bore large enough to fit on most cars. Therefore, since wheel manufactures make their center bore larger, most wheel fitments have a gap between the hub and the center bore.

This gap in turn makes your wheels lug-centric (weight of the car is on the wheel studs) which causes vibration and steering jitter from 80 kph to 120 kph. Therefore, to fill the gap and ensure the fitment is hub-centric (weight of car is on the wheels hub), hub rings are used. This is very important to ensure that your wheels are safe and secure and free of any detrimental vibration.

Correct the fitment & balance of your aftermarket wheels with hub centric rings.

Our hub centric rings are made of high quality 6061 Aluminium Alloy. It is precision CNC machined, high thermal conductivity, great corrosion resistance and durable.

The buyer is responsible for ordering the correct size. It is necessary that you measure your vehicle’s hub bore size and also your wheel’s centre bore before purchasing.  If you are not 100% sure of your vehicles hub bore diameter, contact us  and we will be happy to find the correct specification for you. Just provide the year, Make and Model of your vehicle.