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Tyre Carrier
The tyre carrier reduces handling, reduces the number of trips and prevents work stoppages and some workplace accidents, particularly back injuries. As tyres get larger and heavier, this will be a greatly appreciated working tool among your employees.

Tyre Carrier Capacity
The tyre carrier carries passenger and light truck tyres from 12″ to 35″ in diameter and can move 8 to 10 tyres at a time. The cart width over all is 28 when closed.

Tyre Carrier Operation
A foot pedal opens the cart arms. The tyre carrier is then slid under the stack of tyres and tipped back in the same way as a mover hand truck. A single gas cylinder closes the cart arms around the tyre stack. The tyres sit securely in the cart for a safe and easy move.

Tyre Carrier Uses
This is the ideal cart for tyre warehouses and tyre distribution centres where trucks and vans are loaded and unloaded with tyres or where tyres are moved over long distances. The tyre carrier is also popular in tyre shops that handle many tyres on a daily basis. For example, an auto shop specialising in tyre changes uses 45 minutes of its time morning and evening moving tyres between the back warehouse and the shop area. A tyre carrier will reduce that time, possibly enough to do 1 or 2 more vehicles per day.

Tyre Carrier Construction
The tyre carrier manufactured by BSA uses stronger and more durable 50-psi wheels. This means the inflated wheels are not as compressed under heavy tyre loads. Blue powder-coated finish. The user need only assemble the 2 arms and 4 bolts with an Allen key. The 2 wheels, and arm caps are replaceable.