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Wheel Stand (Double)

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Wheel Display
The wheel display will hold up to 8 wheel rims, i.e. 2 per tier back to back. The rims can be as much as 27″ in diameter and 12″ wide, but the tier heights can be adjusted to accommodate more imposing wheel sizes. It is also possible to adjust the angle of the centre tubes that hold the rims.

Increase exposure
This display is much larger and more impressive than standard rim displays on the market and gives the rims better exposure to view. Place it in plain sight and keep it clean to enhance your products. Customers like to see and touch products. Displaying them other than in catalogues is an increasingly crucial requirement and will stimulate your sales. Plastic caps cover the top and bottom of the tubes and allow the display to be moved along the floor. The display is light and is shipped in component parts in a box measuring 90″ x 10″ x 6″ that weighs 70 lbs.

Display conception: Flexpipe
This display unit is built with an industrial material known as Flexpipe, which is used in particular in automobile assembly plants for handling light auto parts. Flexpipe is made up of simple joints and tubes in a modular LEGO-like design. It allows you to order extra parts to modify your display unit or make an entirely new custom display. Different tube colours and about a dozen different joints are available. Ask about an entirely customised display that you can assemble easily. The display is built with round, brushed steel tubes and joints finished with black powder coating. It is assembled with a hex key.