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15-35mm Custom Made Forged Aluminium Spacers without Bolts (Pair)

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– Any thickness/size can be made.

– 4/5/6 Studs

– Any

Center Bore Holes:
– All custom machined to suit your car and wheel.

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Please ensure that you get professional installation for spacers (e.g. Mechanic, Tyre & Wheel Specialist) and the right wheel nuts to bolt the spacers and the wheels. If the incorrect or inappropriate equipment is used during installation, we cannot be held liable for any damages that occur.

BSA Spacers:
– BSA Wheels custom machines the highest quality, and absolute safest, wheel adapters and wheel spacers that money can buy. They are 100% made using state-of-the-art technology. Our sure-fit wheel adapters are products you can depend on!
– Wheel adapters change the bolt pattern of your hub and move the wheels out, allowing you to use any wheels for virtually any car, such as 10 lug semi wheels to 5 lug Jeeps, or 24 inch SUV wheels to 4 lug golf carts.
– Whether it is your Custom HQ Holden or your new Ferrari, BSA Wheels can help you adapt.
– We are not a reseller – every adapter is manufactured in-house. And we do not manufacture or sell any product that is not made to absolute perfection, with the highest quality materials in existence.

Forged Spacers
– The forged spacers, because of the enormous pressures involved, forging compacts the metal, eliminating porosity and the voids that can be a source for cracks or corrosion. The result is that less metal is required to achieve a given strength, meaning lighter spacers can be made. Furthermore, due to the density of the grain structure, the polished forged spacers will maintain its luster for much longer than a polished cast spacers which is very porous.